Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a bike from us is simple when you know everything! Find out the most frequently asked questions here!

Who can ride?

- You have to be at least 22 years old (born 23 Jul 2002 or earlier)
- You must have held a Class 2B license for at least 2 years (Passed 23 Jul 2022 or earlier)
- You must not have commited any major violations or incidents or be banned from any other rental companies

When starting I get an error saying "Failed to activate fuel system/switch etc"?

- To protect our motorcycles when parked, all bikes come with a fuel switch.
- The motorcycle will not start if the fuel system is offline, resulting in this message.
- Please ensure you have switched the fuel switch ON BEFORE starting your booking.
- If you are still not able to start your booking, please contact us for assistance.

How do I start my bike?

- You use the GTB app to scan the QR code on the side of the bike to start the booking.
- Follow the on screen prompts and proceed with photo taking and you are ready to go!
- All of GOTAKEBIKE's motorcycles are keyless and use buttons to start/stop the engine or to open Seat/Fuel.

Can I ride to Malaysia?

- No, bikes are strictly only allowed to be ridden in Singapore.
- GOTAKEBIKE insurance does not cover any incidents outside of Singapore.

Do I need to return the bike to the same location?

- Yes, GOTAKEBIKE is a bike sharing service that starts and ends at the same location.
- You will need to return the motorcycle to the same Multi-Storey Carpark within a range of lots specified
- Returning the bike to any other location will incur towing and recovery charges

How much does it cost to rent per hour?

- GOTAKEBIKE hourly rates start from $1.99/hour depending on the bike.

What will happen if I return my bike late?

- To be fair to others, for each minute late, rider will incur a $0.60 penalty.
- A portion of this amount will be given to the next rider as compensation for waiting.

What is the Security Deposit?

- There is a minimum $25 deposit required to be held by all riders to use the service.
- You may use any amount after $25 to pay for booking of bikes.
- This amount can be refunded upon account closure and may take up to 60 days.

Can I extend my booking?

- Yes, you may extend your booking 30 minutes before it ends.
- This is subject to the next slot being available.

Do I need to top up and pay for Petrol?

- Being a bike sharing service, GOTAKEBIKE requires all bikes to be returned with a full tank.
- You will need to show your dashboard with a full indicator of fuel after ending your trip.
- Failure to do so will incur a $25 penalty, to be compensated to the next rider.

Can I start my booking earlier?

- Yes, provided the bike has returned and there are no bookings before you.
- Subject to early booking fees.

Do I get refunded for unused hours?

- No, there will not be any refunds should you end your booking early.

Motorcycle lots are fullm what should I do?

- If there are no lots, you may park the bike at slightly higher levels of the MSCP.

What happens if I am late/no-show for a booking?

- You will still be charged the full booking amount, no refunds will be given.

What is the cancellation policy?

- You may cancel your booking at no additional cost if you do so 48 hours before the booking time.
- You may cancel your booking at 50% cost if you do so 24 hours before the booking time.
- You may cancel your booking at 100% cost if you do so less than 24 hours before the booking time.